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Sports Law

During the preparation of contracts regarding Sports Law (broadcasting, sponsorship, advertisement, ticket, transfer between athletes, technical people, athlete substitutes and sports clubs, athlete, manager contracts etc.), which may arise from Sports Law; We provide legal support in the resolution process of all legal incompatibilities, objections to doping-related authorities, disciplinary law issues, and cases arising from sports accidents. Ege Law Office will try to help you of course.

Nowadays, it is necessary to evaluate the sports law, which is an inevitable part of sports as a separate branch of law due to its great economic and social importance.

All kinds of legal discrepancies between persons of the sport, the preparation of contracts, the execution of transfers, the implementation of sports sentences, the regulation of the internal functioning of the clubs are carried out through lawyers.

Some Services Provided in the Area of Sports Law;

1.Sports Contracts

2.Arbitration in Sports

3.Liability and Insurance Codes Regarding Sports Incidents

4.Broadcasts Rights in Sports

5.Liability for Tortious Act in Sports

6.Legal Support in the License and Transfer Processes of Athletes

7.Collection of Rights and Receivables of the Athletes from the Clubs


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