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In the field of inheritance law, we provide legal support for the arrangement of wills and inheritance contracts, the execution of inheritance and transfer procedures, the rejection of inheritance, the cancellation of savings, the determination of the estate, elimination of joint ownership, adequate price, the establishment of a foundation and other similar inheritance discrepancies and cases.

Law of Inheritance is a branch of private law that examines the death-related dispositions that people want to make on their property after their death and in the incident of their death, after the judgment of their inheritance or in the presence of the presumption of death, how their inherited property (heritage) is going to be divided into among the legal heirs and other heirs, and how and in what order their debts is going to be paid. In the European legal order, civil laws are regulated. Inheritance procedures related to the transfer of the inherited property (heritage/estate) are filed by court decision in some countries and through civilization registration systems established in notary public in some countries.

Issues, for instance who is the heir, how much of the inheritance belongs to whom, whether this will is valid if the will is written, whether the provisions of the will violate or not the reserved shares of the hidden share heirs often require legal support.

Some of Services Provided in the Area of Inheritance Law;

1.Obtaining the certificate of inheritance

2.Arrangement of Wills

3.Lawsuits for refusal of inheritance and cancellation of refusal of inheritance

4. Detinue Lawsuit Due to Inheritance

5.Actions for Reduction

6.Inheritance Contracts

7. Case of forfeiture and transfer of assets to the treasury

8.Deed Cancellation and Cases of Registration upon consent of deceased


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