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Who is a Criminal Lawyer?

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Criminal lawyer may be described as a lawyer that is interested in criminal cases or is having a professional approach to be an expert about criminal cases. Lawyers who perform as criminal lawyer have a part in criminal cases efficiently. Criminal lawyer protects the right of his/her clients during process of a lawsuit. Especially, defending which is vital for freedom of people is done by criminal lawyer. Therefore, criminal lawyer has a role of life saver colloquially from the point of lawsuit process.

We as Ege Law Office offer service professionally in criminal advocacy with our experienced and academical fund of knowledge. Please do not forget that a successful criminal lawyer change your life and pull out of the fire you or kinsmen. Criminal Lawyer Ad. Ezgi KESGİN from Ege Law Office perform service to legal support and counselling to her clients within criminal process of a lawsuit for the most effective and successful result.

What is the Significance of Lawyer on a Criminal Case? Is It Necessary to Hire a Lawyer?

Significance of a criminal lawyer is noticed on defending a person effectively. If a criminal case is sued out you, it is related to your freedom. Suspect or alleged criminal should benefit from a criminal lawyer’s help for an effective defending. It is vital that usage authority by law as required and determination of actual articles which can be used on behalf of client in the point of client’s freedom. For instance, length of sentence may be decreased by applying to effective remorse or making a good loss instead of pure disallowance. On the other hand, people remain incapable on defending due to lack of knowledge about their rights. At this point, the significance of a criminal lawyer on a criminal case emerges.

Heavy Penalty Lawyer

Heavy penatly lawyer takes responsibility to defend on the most vital and the most serious type of crimes. Heavy penalty cases are cases known for aggravated life imprisonment, life imprisonment and imprisonment for more than ten years. Since in our country criminal courts mostly have an intention to rule for imprisonment, heavy penalty lawyers matter a lot.

It is alsa wanted to be defending by the best heavy penalty lawyers claiming that the person who is on trial at aggravated felony court ensure to apply adjudgement on behalf of him/her or to be an evictor. Cases related to aggravated felony court are like this;

  • Crime of willful murder,
  • Trade of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances,
  • White collar fraud
  • Fraudalent bankruptcy crime
  • Pillage
  • Perpetration
  • Forgery of official documents
  • Disrupt the unity and territorial integrity of the state
  • Collaborate
  • Provocation to war against state
  • Utilizing to function agains basic national benefit
  • Recruitment against foreign state
  • Tangible and financial help to hostile state
  • Violation the provisions of the constitution
  • Assassination and assault to the president
  • Crime against legislation
  • Crime against government
  • Armed rebellion against government
  • Paramilitary Force
  • Weapon supply
  • Agreement for crime
  • Extortion to command post
  • Failure to obey order during war
  • Breach of an obligations during war
  • Propogate fabricated news during war
  • Crimes against state safety materials
  • Providing informations concerning state safety
  • Political and military spying
  • Briefing information related to state safety and political benefit
  • Leaking confidential informations
  • International spying
  • Benefit from state secret, disloyalty to civil services
  • Providing prohibited information
  • Providing prohibited information with the purpose of spying
  • Disclosuring prohibited information with the purpose of military or political spying
  • Spying inflicted by negligence
  • Crime of possession materials related to state safety
  • Crimes which requires aggravated life imprisonment, life imprisonment and imprisonment for more than ten years.

Istanbul Criminal Lawyer

Istanbul criminal lawyer provide support of advocateship to people who are investigated or sued out resulted in cases emerged in Istanbul. Services to which perform as Istanbul criminal lawyer mentioned below like;

  • Visitations of convicts and prisoners who are in Maltepe, Bakırköy, Metris and Silivri prisons
  • Preparations of bill of complaint
  • Accompany for suspect during taking statement prosecution and police offices
  • Mission of suspect defender and petitor advocacy in assize courts
  • Mission of suspect defender and petitor advocacy in criminal courts of first instance
  • Mission of suspect defender and petitor advocacy in criminal courts of peac
  • Objection to nonsuit by prosecutions
  • Objection to imprisonment and protection order
  • Working on any type of petitions of appeal

European Side of Istanbul Criminal Lawyer

European side of Istanbul criminal lawyer provide support of advocateship and legal counselling on criminal cases which are in Çağlayan, Bakırköy, Gaziosmanpaşa, Büyükçekmece, Küçükçekmece and Silivri Administration of Justice which are landed on European side of Istanbul. Even our corporate office is landed in Anatolian side of Istanbul, we as Ege Law Office also perform advocacy as European side of Istanbul criminal lawyer via our other offices which are in Bakırköy and Silivri.

Anatolian Side of Istanbul Criminal Lawyer

Anatolian side of Istanbul criminal lawyer provides legal support to suspect alleged criminal on investigations by Istanbul Anatolia Administration of Justice Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office or by criminal courts. We as Ege Law Office which means expertise on criminal law provide legal support easily to every location of Anatolian side of Istanbul since our corporate office is in Üsküdar. We represent our clients as Anatolian side of Istanbul criminal lawyer for investigations launched Kadıköy, Üsküdar, Pendik, Ümraniye, Maltepe or in fact Gebze.

How Do You Reach Istanbul Criminal Lawyer?

You should ensure that lawyer who you want to be supported have enough knowledge on his/her working interest, If you are looking forward to a Istanbul criminal lawyer. People mostly prefer lawyers who are familiar to them or familiar to his/her kinsmen. You should be conscious because criminal cases discuss freedom of people so people are searching for knowing lawyers. In this respect you may benefit from web page or articles of lawyers.

We suggest you not to rely on imagery expressions such as the best lawyer of Turkey, criminal lawyer of famous people, mafia lawyer etc. especially on social media.

How Much the Charge of a Criminal Lawyer?

Charge of criminal advocateship shows up a change depending on context of ciriminal case or experience of lawyer as charge demand of lawyer. It is not allowed that lawyers offer a charge which is below minimum wage directions by Union of Turkish Bar Associations for every year.



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