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In the are of health legislation, we provide services in the resolution of discrepancies arising within the framework of patient, doctor and health institution relations, in the form of malpractice during treatment or in to handle of crimes committed negligently or intentionally in the scope of criminal and compensation law. We provide services in the resolution of discrepancies arising from malpractice and in front of the relevant official authorities due to the responsibility of the private health institutions and the administration due to the damages suffered by the patients who are sufferers.

Doctors and patients have legally framed rights in the field of health. Health legislation is an area of law that deals with the rights of institutions providing services in the area of health and the rights of those who provide services in this field. It also covers many areas such as environmental health and food legislation, legal structure of hospitals, health insurance, health expenditures, organization and management of the Ministry of Health.

In operation, in the branch known as malpractice, the legal and criminal responsibilities of health workers after malpractice are analyzed. Malpractice is incorrect or incomplete diagnosis, mistakes which are made in actions such as intervention, surgery, drug administration, technical-equipment failure, lack of infrastructure and wrong or incomplete communication between healthcare professionals may emerge. It is of great importance to evaluate carefully these elements that in each concrete case and to get support from a malpractice lawyer in determination of the responsibilities between health workers or organizations.


Some of the Services Provided in the Area of Health Legislation

1. Inappropriate and Violent Acts Against Healthcare Workers

2. Lawsuit for Medical Malpractice Case

3. Malpractice Lawsuits to Be Initiated for Fault of Service Against Public Hospitals

4. Material and Moral Compensation Lawsuits

5.Criminal Cases


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