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Compensation Law that we as Ege Law Office, Compensation Lawyer, provide legal support in all kinds of material, spiritual, slander, tort, unfair complaint, unlike arrest, non-pecuniary compensation in divorce, etc. Compensation, which is the price paid in return for material or non-pecuniary damage caused by an unlawful act, is paid by the responsible person to the injured person for the purpose of remedying the damages.

Compensation cases; There are stages that should be followed seriously and carefully in terms of determining the defect rate, the amount of damage and responsibility. In order to determine whether the claim for compensation is justified, expert examination, witness who is hearing and document research procedures should be carried out. Following the process through the compensation lawyer in the compensation case issues will ensure that the amount of compensation to be obtained as a result of the case is determined in favor.

A case for material damage, the age of the deceased, if there is a death, the most recent remuneration, the rate of defect in the event subject to compensation, If there is an injury, it is additionally calculated taking into account the disability rate. The case of immaterial damages is calculated by taking into account criteria like the defect rate, the financial situation of the parties, age, profession, severity of the incident, etc.



Some of the registered services in the field of Compensation Law;

1.Obtaining the Certificate of Inheritance

2.Arrangement of Wills

3.Lawsutis for Refusal and Cancellation Refusal of Inheritance

4. Detinue Lawsuit Due to Inheritance

5.Actions for Reduction

6.Inheritance Contracts

7. Case of forfeiture and transfer of assets to the treasury


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