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We procure advocacy and legal counselling as Ege Law Office. We aim that the determination and recruitment of needed legal support for our clients and solution to their issues in the work interests that we operate. We make an effort to present the most suitable solutions with bearing the load. Our law Office offer service to our clients with speciality on penal law and law of criminal procedure which are the most required to be advocated by them and the other fields of law.

As a result of face-to-face or online meetings that we made with you, incompatibility that you faced is resolved by our Law Office. After that you informed by us about how the legal procedure processes.

We perform advocacy and legal counselling to you person to person or online such as e-mail, whatsapp and telephone, If it is requested as Ege Law Office.

We perform advocacy and legal counselling in Criminal Law being in the first place, law of domestic relations, law of obligations, labour law, information technology law, commercial law, real property law, law of inheritance, health legislation, sports law, competition law, administrative law etc.

By means of our boutiquey transact business principle, We care about effective and continous communication with our clients and overextending of our work interests according to technological developments and the necessities of the time. We propound the most appropriate solutions for your discrepancies which looks complicated and inexplicable to you by doing efficient analysis. In the end, we respect so much to our clients’ right to information and we perform our services as part of admitted tenets. Istanbul is in the first place, we promise to offer service for every cities of Turkey with the same quality and merest cost.

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We offer advocacy service to our clients for their cases on jurisdiction and adjudication in a studiously and devotional way. We litigate and conclude pending adjucation of our clients by means of the highest order defending  their rights.


We perform information transfer to our clients about any type of legal transactions or infrigments of law faced including the analysis, determination and identification of incident and circumstance person to person, via communication channels or online; alternative solution and precautions to take and also We offer verbal or written report If it is requested.


We serve our clients for collecting debts based on a contract or note. Every kind of argument of law is used by our Law Office within the boundaries of law to collect debts.


Why Is It Important to Have a Lawyer?

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When people encounter legal problems, they often get worried and cause many other problems, especially psychological ones. However, many legal problems can be solved in a very short time and without any problems thanks to sufficient legal knowledge.

Especially when it comes to criminal cases, the importance of lawyers becomes more evident. A healthier and more effective process is built when the defendants defend themselves with a lawyer in cases where they are likely to be sentenced to restrain their liberty.


Is it compulsory to have a lawyer?

In the Turkish legal system, individuals do not have to be represented by a lawyer before the court. However, as in every field, legal affairs also require expertise. Acting without the necessary knowledge and experience in legal matters may cause irreparable damages. Applying for legal assistance from a lawyer and following up the works through a lawyer are of great importance in gaining rights and contribute to faster and more effective results.

In practice, people who consider the fee to be paid to the lawyer unnecessary and act by thinking that they can do the work that the lawyer can do, generally suffer loss of rights that cannot be compensated. Some, after filing their lawsuit or enforcement proceedings in person, see that the job is not as easy as they think, and seek a lawyer, but often incomplete or faulty transactions made by individuals until this stage cannot be remedied by the lawyer who is involved in the case.

What is the attorney's fee?

The legal profession is a self-employed activity. Lawyers offer their knowledge and experience in the field of law to the benefit of other people. To the lawyer; A fee is payable when asked about any legal issue or for procuring business. Paying a fee to a lawyer is also a legal obligation, and it is prohibited to conclude a fee agreement below the values ​​determined in the attorney’s minimum fee schedule.

How is a power of attorney issued?

The power of attorney is issued at the notary public. If you provide the attorney information (name, surname, tax office, tax number and address) of the attorney to whom you are going to represent with your identity card, driver’s license or passport, and inform the notary for what business you will use the attorney for, the notary public will issue the power of attorney you need on your behalf. You can issue the power of attorney temporarily or indefinitely. In cases where special authority is required, these powers should be included in the power of attorney.

Do I have to give a separate power of attorney for each case?

The general case power of attorney you have given to us is archived in our office and if no time limit is set in the power of attorney, all your judicial or administrative cases that you want us to follow can be followed up with this power of attorney. However, you may need to give a power of attorney for cases and works that require special authorization.

Can I consult my problems by phone or e-mail?

For your questions, you can use our e-mail address and our phone number 0532 668 46 64. Your short and simple questions will be answered as soon as possible. However, if detailed information is requested, consultation will turn into a form of consultation subject to a fee, and you will be given the necessary answers within the framework of the Attorney’s Minimum Fee Schedule, the Attorneyship Law and Professional Rules.

What is the deferment of the announcement of the verdict (HAGB)?

Postponing the announcement of the verdict is the provision of the court if the accused accepts it, in the event that a prison sentence of 2 years or less for adults and a sentence of 3 years or less for juveniles is received as a result of the proceedings in criminal courts. If the accused does not accept the adjournment of the announcement of the verdict, this decision is not made by the court. If the accused accepts the announcement of the verdict, if the accused does not deliberately commit a new crime within 5 years from the finalization of the decision, the HAGB penalty for the related crime will not appear in the record. During this process, the HAGB decision about the accused will be found in the HAGB registry, which is kept privately. If the accused commits a new crime within 5 years, he will be punished for his new crime and his previous HAGB will be opened and converted into a penalty.

What happens if I do not object to the enforcement proceeding?

If the enforcement proceedings, which have been duly initiated, are not objected to within the prescribed period, the enforcement proceedings will be finalized and foreclosure proceedings can be initiated against you. In order to avoid a negative situation, we recommend that you seek legal assistance from an expert lawyer as soon as you receive the payment order or execution order.

How can I find out if a lawsuit has been filed against me?

Hakkınızda dava açıldığını e-devlet üzerinden yahut vatandaş- Uyap sistemi üzerinden öğrenebilirsiniz. Yine ikamet adresinize gelecek mahkeme tebligatı ile de hakkınızda dava açıldığını öğrenmiş olursunuz. Tebligatın tarafınıza tebliğinden itibaren dava konusu alanında uzman bir avukatla görüşmenizi ve hukuki yardım almanızı hak ve süre kaybına uğramamanız için önemle tavsiye ederiz.

How long does it take for cases to be concluded?

Due to the large number of cases, the inadequacy of judges, prosecutors and courthouse personnel, and the deficiencies in our justice system, cases cannot be resolved in a short time. The fact that the cases can reach a conclusion in a short time is very much related to working with a lawyer who has full knowledge of the procedures and principles. Lawyers, whose job is to deal with cases, work all their hours to speed up the cases and to conclude them positively in a short time. It is not possible for citizens to follow their own cases and speed up their cases in their daily workload. Due to the excess of technical details specific to each case, it can only be concluded in a short time by an expert and experienced lawyer.

How can I be informed about my litigation process?

Our clients are regularly informed about the legal proceedings followed by our law firm through telephone, e-mail and meetings held at regular intervals.


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