What is the Outlaw on Apparent Rights? (TCL 53)

What is the Outlaw on Apparent Rights? (TCL 53)

Outlaw on apparent rights is a safety precautions which is specifically regulated on Turkish Criminal Law. This safety precaution which is occurred frequently at accusal or criminal suit is believed as a criminal sentence by the people. Barely, applying safety precautions is not described as punishment as it seen clearly in the 45th article of Turkish Criminal law. In this direction, one of the most wondered questions by the people is what outlaw on apparent rights means.

There are two conditions which is necessary to come true for applying outlaw on apparent rights;

1-Entity of an intentional crime

2-Imprisonment due to committed crime.

What is the Outlaw on Apparent Rights within the Legal Conclusion of Imprisonment Condemnation in TCL 53/1?

Outlaw on apparent rights within the legal and obligatory conclusion of imprisonment is regulated in the 53th article of Turkish Criminal Law. Cautions which are fully articulated the 1st sub-article of 51st article in Turkish Criminal Law is applied when a person commits an intentional crime and gets punished with imprisonment by the court, as a result of legal conclusion of this crime.

Apparent Rights to be limitated by the 1st sub-article of 53rd article in Turkish Criminal Law;

-Devesting from serving an office for periodic, perpetual or temporal welfare work.

-Devesting from right to vote and stand for election.

-Devesting from right of custody, service belonging to tutorship or administrator.

-Devesting from right of being administrator or auditor of legal entities such as endowment, association, union, company, cooperative company and political party.

-Devesting from performing a job or an artifice permit-required by public institution or qualified as a public institution, performing freelance or trafficker.

The Time Bar of Outlaw on Apparent Rights in TCL 53/2

According to regulations concerning to outlaw on rights and authorities at which the 1st sub-article of 53th article in Turkish Criminal Law, time begins with execution of punishment. According to law, time of outlaw on apparent rights continues to the end of imprisonment. After the conclusion of execution, safety cautions dissapper without need of any verdict.

Other Issues About Outlaw on Apparent Rights

It is described that a convict who has sentenced imprisonment or has released on probation may be able to use authorities of custody, tutorship and administration on his/her lineal kinship. On the other hand, it is described which people who have postponed short-termed imprisonment or people who are below age of eighteen when they commit the crime there is not any type of outlaw depending on sentenced punishment in the 4th sub-article of 53th article in Turkish Criminal Law.

In accordance with 5th sub-article of 53th article in Turkish Criminal Law, person who commits crime with abusing some rights and authorities granted by law is devested from these rights and authorities and this person is banned from using the rights and authorities arising this job. For instance, in the circumstances of abusing advocacy authorities by a lawyer or abusing authorities by a financial consultant, they are also banned from using of rights and authorities arising their jobs.

The last sub-article of 53th article in Turkish Criminal Law, it is regulated that being banned to perform a profession or an artifice or restitution of driver’s license is also possible in the eye of law.


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