Labour and Social Security Law

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In the area of labour and social security law, we provide legal support to companies and real persons who are operating in all kinds of business sectors at every stage such as recruitment, preparation and termination of employment contracts etc. in discrepancies arising from the employee-employer relationship and we also provide services for the resolution of all incompatibilities arising from the employee-employer relationship.

All elements of working life, from the employee’s getting a permission to the retirement process to the employer’s dismissal and termination application are regulated by law. Thanks to the Labor and Social Security Law, the rights of both the employee and the employer are protected. We as Ege Law Office ensure the formation of a healthy working life by observing the rights of workers and support employers and employees to act within the legal framework.

Incompatibilities frequently encountered in the area of labour law usually arise from the non-fulfillment of the rights of the employee side of the contract, such as the employee’s inability to collect the wage who is entitled to in full or on the day as per day for the work he has done, the non-payment of overtime work, the reemployment lawsuit in case of invalid termination, the collection of severance and notice pay in cases of termination of employment. In these cases, both the employee and the employer represent our clients primarily in the compulsory conciliation process and in the case of case substitution, we ensure that all the stages of the case are followed by us.

Some of the Services Provided in the Area of Labour and Social Security Law are;

1.Suits of Cancellation of Labour Contract

2.Reemployment Lawsuit

3.Lawsuits for Severance and Notice Pay

4.Occupational Accident and Suit for Damage of Occupational Accident

5.Lawsuits for Social Insurance


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