Information Technology Law

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As a result of the extensive usage of information technologies, we provide advocacy services for violations which is caused by the internet in the field of information law, the importance of which is increasing day by day. At the same time, we perform services of advocateship for information crimes committed through information technology devices. Ege Law Office will try to help you of course.

With the internet becoming an indispensable part of daily life, IT Law has been included in our legal system to form the legal basis of this new world.

“Data”, which is an important concept in the field of IT Law, covers everything such as text, pictures, graphics in the electronic environment. The basis of the problems that actually arise in the field of informatics law are issues such as the unfair use, transfer, theft or alteration of the data. Within the scope of the Turkish Penal Code, the types of crimes that may occur under the heading of Offenses in the Field of Informatics are regulated.

In addition to IT law; Especially with the development of social media, legal regulations have been introduced for the violation of intellectual rights such as personality rights or trademarks on the internet. Another issue related to IT law is personal data.

Some of Services Provided in the Area of Information Technology Law;

1.Protection of personality rights in electronic media

2.Following up and conclusion of violations via the Internet

3.Complaints of fraud crimes committed through Computer systems and Communication issues, following up of criminal cases and compensation lawsuits

4.Execution of vital criminal cases and necessary compensation lawsuits for violations of personal rights like Defamation etc. via the Internet

5.Commitments and Lawsuits for closure of unreal social media accounts opened on behalf of persons on social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter

6.Commitments for removal of content or blocking access

7.Lawsuits for invading of privacy

8. Procedures to prevent the sale of counterfeit trademarks over the internet within the meaning of intellectual property law

9.Providing counselling services for the Internet content providers and hosting server’s providers


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