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Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law enacts the relationship between creditor and debtor in the presence of official rules. It covers the contents of what will be done and what sanctions the debtor will be exposed to if he does not pay its debt on time. At the same time, the rights of the creditor are also expressed in enforcement and bankruptcy law. In addition to this, issues such as how the execution follow-up will be carried out and how the process works are also discussed within the scope of execution and bankruptcy law.

As an enforcement lawyer, in case of the receivables cannot be collected, we try to conciliate between the creditor and the debtor for the collection of the debt, if the receivables cannot be collected in typical ways, in the enforcement proceedings, in the collection of the receivables by making mortgage and pledge sales, in the sale transactions by initiating the factual attachments proceedings and in the collection of the receivables from the debtor, in the follow-up and examination of the gratuitous check cases, in the objection to the malicious lawsuits which is sued out against the debt and we provide support in managing follow-up processes.

Our main purpose is to ensure that our clients get their receivables as fast as possible, the most effective ways and with the least expenses and we provide counselling and litigation services for the collection of their receivables.

Some of the Services Provided in the Area of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law are:

1.Objection to Enforcement Procedures

2.Warrant of Attachment and Cautionary Judgment Proceedings

3. Enforcement and Bankruptcy Proceedings for the Purpose to Collect Receivables

4.Negative Declaratory Action and Action of Trover

5.Action of Recovery

6.Bankruptcy and Concordat proceedings

7.Debt Follow-up with Non-Court Settlement


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