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Criminal Law Consultancy Service

In the field of Criminal Law, which is our area of ​​expertise, we provide all kinds of attorneyship and consultancy services to our clients, starting from the investigation phase.

Punishment is a sanction for an act that is described as a crime in law. Criminal law and criminal justice is a very serious issue with consequences that can have a significant impact on the freedom and future of persons. Therefore, it means great significance to choose the best criminal lawyer to represent you in court.

Our law office provides legal counselling services within the scope of the resolution of Criminal Law disputes and provides defense services to victims and suspects or defendants.

Combinedly with the case follow-up service related to the types of crimes in the Turkish Criminal Law and other specific penal codes; In particular, we serve our clients with great care at every stage of the process with our serious work discipline in terms of legal supervision of measures such as detention, arrestment, search and seizure, monitoring by technical means, recording of communication which may be encountered during the investigation procedures, objections to be made against these legal transactions and providing all necessary information and support in this process.

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Types of Legal Services

1. Making an Allegation

If the crime is known in writing by going to the Public Prosecutor’s Office or law enforcement authorities such as police, military police, the perpetrators are specified and a request for punishment is prepared and investigation is initiated.

2. Testifying in the Presence of Lawyer

It is ensured that legal advice is provided on how to respond to the accusations raised against by the law enforcement or public prosecutor and that lawyer participates in the interrogation.

3. Investigation Phase

It is ensured that the materials related to the accusation in the presence of the law enforcement authorities are accessed that additional investigation procedures that can be carried out at the point of solution of the case are requested, and that the investigation process is completed effectively and quickly.

4. Prosecution Phase

It is provided that the defendant is upholded as a defender during the criminal prosecution and that the victim is represented as a “substitute”.

5. After The Verdict is Given

It is advised that at the point of appealing for the verdict of court or appealing for correction.

6. Compensation Due to Protection Measures

It covers issues such as making claims for tangible and non-pecuniary damages against the state for wrongful arrestment, detention or violation of procedural guarantees which is guaranteed by the Constitution, law and international agreements.

The Significance of Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime or have an internment, it would be highly beneficial for you to contact a criminal lawyer. You have the right and freedom to choose your lawyer and to determine your defense strategy together with your lawyer, before you give a legal statement about the accusation against you, the court or law enforcement authorities.

Due to the crime charged against you, your economic situation, your reputation and dignity, shortly, your entire social life may be in danger. Having a qualified criminal lawyer may determine the thin line between your freedom and your imprisonment. If we represent you as your lawyer, any matter that may be in your favor by us will be raised at every stage of the procedures.


Crimes of trade or produce of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

Offence of Purchasing, Accepting, or Possessing Drugs or Stimulants for Use

Willful Murder Crime, Reckless Killing Crime

Injury Crime

Fraud Crimes

Crime of Damage to Property

Crimes of Establishing, Managing, Being a Member and Supporting a Terror Organization

Crimes of Forgery of official and special documents

Crime of Defamation, Intimidation

Violation of Privacy Crime

False Imprisonment

Robbery, Crime of Breach Of Confidence

Calumniation, Crime of Fabrication Crime

Violation of Residence Immunity Crime

Crime of Spoofing Attack

Crime of Pillage

Crimes Against Public Order


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