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Administrative law is the branch of law whose basis is determined in the constitution, which describes rules regarding the activity and organization of the administration, and which ensures the balancing of the superiority and privileges which is granted to the public and the rights and freedoms granted to the individual. In the event that the administrative procedures affecting real and legal persons of the administration exercising public power are unlawful to which we provide legal services in terms of applying the competent administrative authorities in order to eliminate these illegalities and when it is necessary, to initiate lawsuits in the administrative courts regarding these transactions and actions. Ege Law Office will try to help you of course.

The purpose of existence of the administration is the realization of the public interest. Administrative law also helps to create the public interest and reestablish the balance of deteriorated interests, subordinating the activity and organization of the administration to the rules, and thus ensuring the rights and freedoms of the individual.

Disputes arising in administrative law are seen in administrative jurisdiction. According to the Constitution, there is a principle that judicial remedy is open to all kinds of works and transactions of the administration.

It should be emphasized that -especially- in the area of administrative law, the parties to the lawsuit are public institutions, which are public legal entities and are in a stronger position than the person. Here, it will be in his benefit for the individual to act with a lawyer. Therefore, it will be the right and the best choice to consult a professional in the face of any sort of problem in the area of administrative law and administrative jurisdiction.


Some of the Services Provided in the Area of Administrative Law;

1.Nullity Suit

2.Full Remedy Actions

3.Issue of Stay Order

4.Security Clearance and All types of Nullity Suits for Unfair Treatment

5.Suits for Damage

6.Law of Urban Transformation and Cancellation Suits


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